Cinema & Its Impact On our life

Life is a series of natural and voluntary changes. It is a onetime offer for everyone so I think we should use it very well.  Every person is busy in their own life. No one have time to enjoy their entity because of lots of working thrust, completion and stress.  But still after all these problems and issues human being find to some reasons for relax their mind and try to stay happy and interesting. Entertainment industry has played a very crucial role of every individual. It includes so many things like we can enjoy movies with our friends, listen any kind of songs, playing different types of games online and offline both and so on. But from these entire theater world is most acceptable in human lives. Cinema has determined a magnificent mode of enjoyment. I think today’s man live without food but movies and television may be not. It is the most favorable and competitive form of levity. Young boys and girls or rich and poor or old men and women crowed the theater thousands to watch a picture. They don’t so much worry about the type of film they just enjoy the moment. Because people have some relief and they want to spend it in stimulating their worm out brains.

However, film a series of still images which when shown on screen creates illusion of moving image. The cinema of India consist of films produced across and it includes cinematic cultures of Andhra Pradesh, telangana, assam, Bengal, bihar, gujrat, Haryana, J&K,Jharkhand, kerala, maharastra, Manipur, Punjab and so on. Cinema as a medium has gained immense popularity in country and as many as 1600 films on various languages are produced annually. Dadasaheb phalke is known as the father of Indian theater. He is the awards for lifetime contribution to cinema was instituted in his honor by government of India 1969 and is the most prestigious and coveted award in Indian cinema.

In spite of, twentieth century India Theater along with Hollywood and Chinese movievilla industries become a global enterprise. In 2012 India produced 1602 feature films. Indian picture industry reaches overall revenue of 1.86 billion dollar near about 93 billion Indian currency. This is projected to rise to 3 billion dollar near about 150 billion in 2016. Visual effect based super hero science fiction and epic film like enthiran, baahubali, krish emerged as block buster. The Indian government extends film delegation to foreign countries such as United States and Japan while the country’s movie producer’s guild sent similar mission through Europe.


Moreover, the south Indian film industry defines the four picture culture of south era as a single entity. It covers under so many countries which provide us interesting and antic motion for example Tamil, telgu, malyalam, kannda industries. The Indian Diaspora consists of millions of Indian overseas for which films are made available both. Through mediums such as DVD’s and by screening of films in their country residence where ever commercially feasible. Music in Indian cinema is another meaningful revue inventor with the music rights alone accounting for 4 to 5% of net revenue generated by film in India. Satyajit ray is recognized as one of the extraordinary and favorable film maker of twentieth century. The period from 1940 to 1960 are regarded by film historians as golden age of Indian cinema. In 1970’ there are ascend of mercantile cinema in form of enduring films such as Anand 1971 amar prem,1971 kati patang, 1972 later in mid 70’s action film like zanjeer 1974, sholey, 1975 soldified Amitabh Bachan position as a lead actor. So Indian theater has increase day to day and entertains us with diversion of movies.

Impact on Our Life and Society

Theater has played a major role in changing our society. A patriotic movie makes us remember to love our nation. Good comedy pictures help in treating many patients. Adventures films have given us a sense of adventure to exploit ourselves. There are so many practices and tradition based on ignorance or which stop the growth of our society, such as caste system, untouchability and dowry system. Films can do a lot to eradicate these evil. They can be used for promoting national integration, prohibition, intercaste marriages such themes can help the transformation of our society. Social reforms can be introduced and brought about with the help of cinema. It influence on mind of people it has great educative value. It can achieve splendid results in field of expansion of education, lesson of road sense, rules of hygiene and civic sense can be taught to students and public in an effective manner with the help of cinema. Theater films have power to influence the thinking of people. They have changed the society and social trends. They have introduced new fashion in public. They can create a direct impact on our community and every normal human being life.

The optics entreats appeal films easily catch imagination of spectators. The cinema has to far remain unchanged as most popular audio visual appeal like other side of coin this is the gift of science has some drawback also. Films which depicts scenes of moral degradation or which relate our moral standard does immense harm to our society. The young people have gone astray under the misleading impact of incident picture. Firstly immoral and crime pictures very easily catch the imagination of impressionable youth. So the producer of movie and censor owe a great respect to society. They should rather produce picture of educative and reform values.

In crux, according to me it’s invariably good and elegant to see and learnt moral from cinema. No one can imagine their life without television and motion. Besides happiness and occasion to de-stress and neglect our whole day tensions and troubles. Good pictures provide us information about so many things and teach people to respect and love each other. So last but not least it is a proper way of entertainment as well as source of information about different languages, cultures, relations and artist.

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